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NVCLL 11's in West Nyack Tournament Finals!

Monday at 7pm the NVCLL 11's take on the host team West Nyack in the finals of the West Nyack Tournament.   Come over to Germonds Park to cheer on our kids as we try for back-to-back titles in this tournament. 


Christopher Bangs

2014-2015 NVCLL President

by posted 07/26/2015
It's All About the Kids

The NVCLL All Star 12’s went into yesterday’s games having played 3 sectional games in the past 5 days and needing to sweep a doubleheader against Ossining Little League to win the Section 3 North Championship.   Our boys handily won the first game 8-1, but fell just short in the second losing 5-4. 

They finished the Little League Tournament with a record of 8-2, outscoring their opponents 72-32.  And the only two losses were by a combined 3 runs.  Other teams quickly learned that no lead was safe against this team and to quote the Ossining manager “any kid on that team can put one out at any time … we aren’t used to seeing that.” 

This team being so close to playing for the state championship made the loss sting more.  Though I was impressed by the way that Ossining played, it honestly hurt to stand on the field as the tournament host and hand the Section 3 North banner to Ossining.

As I stood on the grass of Liberty Field, however, I thought back to Opening Day so many months ago on the same field.  On that day I told the crowd that the goal was not for the kids to be named All Stars, nor for the All Star team to win the District and fight for the chance to go to Williamsport.  I said the goal was for the kids to have fun and make memories that would last a lifetime.  And in that respect our 12’s certainly succeeded.

This is what NVCLL means when we say “It is all about the kids.” 

Throughout the 12’s games, I never heard Manager Tony Campbell, nor his coaches Jay Cannici and Mark Sullo, yell at the kids.  Never did they berate them nor offer anything but positive encouragement.  Sure if a kid made a mistake it was pointed out to them, but never in a negative fashion, instead it was something to learn from.

The kids took this cue and always cheered their teammates and supported each other.  They never moped, they never hung their heads.  Even in the rare times they were losing, this team had an air of confidence around them.  This group of kids played, won, and lost, as a TEAM.  They were truly united in their goal and in their actions to try to attain that goal.

This is where our kids truly come out as winners.  Yes, we have a District 18 Champion banner hanging at Liberty Field.  Yes, this team went farther than any other NVCLL team in at least 15 years. 

But more importantly, 15 years from now when nobody involved with NVCLL remembers what happened in 2015, our kids will remember and they will smile.  And I don't mean just the kids on the 12’s team … but all of the kids that came down to watch these games.  Especially the kids on the 10’s that trekked over en-masse to Hawthorne to watch a 12’s game, despite them just suffering a bad loss of their own.  All of the kids of NVCLL that saw how this group of 12’s stuck together and battled and beat leagues 2 or 3 times the size of ours, they will remember the 2015 All Star 12’s team and that they were part of this incredible run.  And when they remember, then they will understand why the sign says “It’s all about the kids.”


Christopher Bangs

2014-2015 NVCLL President


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by posted 07/24/2015

If you want your child to play fall ball, register now.  All registrations (LL ages 7-14) are done in one system, you do not have to pick a level.  Once the age brackets are decided by agreement between our league, New City LL, Congers LL, and West Nyack LL, then we will create our own levels and teams.


If you are interested in managing a team at any level, please email


Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:
What is it?  Fall Ball simply is baseball in the fall where NVCLL teams to play against teams from other Little Leagues in our area.

What ages is Fall Ball for?  Fall Ball is limited to kids born January 1, 2009 OR EARLIER.

What about kids born after 1/1/2009?  NVCLL is looking into a series of clinics in the fall for younger kids.  Details will follow

What about kids that have already 'aged out' of Majors?  They can play Juniors Fall Ball.

What advantage is there to playing Fall Ball?  The added playing time, and practice time, will help players to build upon what they have learned during the spring season.   Furthermore, Fall Ball provides valuable experience playing against teams from outside of our league.
When does the season run?  Fall Ball games are in September and October.
When are games played?  Each team will normally play two games per week: one on a weeknight and one on the weekend.
Are the games indoors or outdoors?  All games are played outdoors.
Where are games played?  Division C (7 and 8) will play all their games at Zukor Park in New City.  All other divisions will play at Liberty, Zukor Park and other fields in Rockland County.
When exactly are the games scheduled for?  The game schedule has not been released yet … it will be made public once we receive it.
Where / when are the team practices?  The team practices will be scheduled by the team managers.
Who are the team managers?  Team managers have not been named yet, though several well qualified people have submitted their names for consideration.
When is deadline for registering for Fall Ball?  The deadline is currently set at August 8 so the division schedules can be created.
Whom do I contact for a specific questions I have?  Please email



by posted 07/14/2015
Help us Build a Picnic Area at Liberty

Help us build Liberty Picnic Area

UPDATE - NVCLL is pushing to have the picnic area installed this summer.  Please buy your bricks now!

We are raising money to help pay for a picnic area at Liberty Elementary school and our Little League Field. The bricks will be placed on the south side of the recently cleared space near the new bull pen area. Bricks cost $125 for a 4 by 8 and $ 200 for an 8 by 8 Brick. For an additional $100 we can also include your business logo.  Custom Bricks and larger sizes are also available upon request. (We recommend all caps)

Yes, we'd like to reserve a permanent brick. Please engrave our brick as follows:

4 x 8 Brick $125


8 x 8 Brick $ 200



C O N G R A T U L ‚ A T I O N S ‚  C U B S ‚ 
S T A T E ‚  C H A M P I O N S ‚  ‚  ‚  ‚  ‚  ‚ 
2 0 0 2 , ‚  2 0 0 3 , ‚  2 0 0 4 ‚  ‚  ‚  ‚  ‚ 

click on the link below to order now!

CLICK HERE for the Online Brick Order Form

Nyack Valley Cottage Little League
P.O. Box 293
Valley Cottage, New York 10989

Name: ________________________________________ Phone: (_______) _________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________________________________
City:  ____________________________________ State: __________________ Zip: __________________
Email Address:  ___________________________________________ Amount Paid: ___________________

If you have any questions, please email

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