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2016 NVCLL Challenger Night WILL BE JUNE 10

*** Challenger night at Liberty Field will be JUNE 10, at 6:30pm, not this Friday. ***

For those that don't know, Challenger Little League is a separate division of Little League to enable boys and girls with physical and mental challenges to play baseball.

We NEED a big turnout for this game.  We need as many kids as possible at the games to cheer and show our support and we will need adults and kids to possibly help field and pitch and generally help the kids.  Anybody that can volunteer please email Marc Burns at

Please be there June 10 to help support this important cause!


Christopher Bangs

2014-16 NVCLL President

by posted 05/24/2016
Raffle Items


by posted 05/24/2016
2018 Bat standard changes

NVCLL Family,


I have received 3 emails in the past few days asking if it was true that I (and the NVCLL Board) were banning certain bats (2 of the emails specifically asked about Mako bats).  THIS IS NOT TRUE - NVCLL is not banning any bats ... BUT ...


Little League International, along with EVERY OTHER YOUTH BASEBALL ASSOCIATION, has decided that as of 1/1/2018 all bats must comply with the new 'USA BASEBALL' standard.


The issue is that as of right now, no bats comply with this standard.  Bats complying with this standard are not scheduled to enter manufacturing until 2017.


In summation, in 2018 every bat that is used or available for sale right now will be banned by every youth baseball association in the US, not by NVCLL.  Today's bats cannot be used (as of Jan 1, 2018) in Little League, Cal Ripken, travel baseball or any other youth baseball organization.


Here is the link to LLI's page on bats:


And here is their press release:

With the Little League® International Board of Directors formally adopting USA Baseball’s new standard for bat performance testing, Little League International fully supports this program. For more than seventy-five years, Little League has used improvements in science, engineering, and technology to take the sport of baseball to higher levels. By utilizing the most current advancements available, manufacturers can now develop bats with a wood-like performance, which is important for the long-term success of the game. Developed by a USA Baseball committee of scientific experts, Little League Baseball® has decided to adopt the new bat standard for mandated use effective January 1, 2018. All national members of USA Baseball, including Little League, are encouraged to adopt this new standard. Little League-approved bats can be used through December 31, 2017, and our current bat regulations will be in effect until then. That includes the moratorium prohibiting the use of all 2 ¼ inch barrel baseball bats constructed with composite material in the barrel, unless approved. Visit for detailed information. Little League looks forward to working with USA Baseball, and will begin educating our local leagues, and the parents of our 2.1 million baseball players, preparing them for the important change coming in 2018.


Very limited information is available on this, as the change is still a couple years away.  If you are bat shopping, however,  you should take into account that bats currently for sale are only able to be used through the 2017 season.


NVCLL will update everybody as LLI updates us.


Christopher Bangs

2014-2016 NVCLL President

by posted 05/23/2016
2016 NVCLL ALL-STARS managers

NVCLL Family,


The 2016 NVCLL Managers will be:  12's - Terry Adelstein;  11's - Keith Davie;  10's - Dan Ulrich;  9's - Darrel Caneiro

Congratulations to them and thank you to the other candidates who put their names in.


Christopher Bangs - 2014-2016 NVCLL President

by posted 05/22/2016
2016 NVCLL All Stars - Procedure
NVCLL Family,
As the various spring baseball seasons are winding down, age-specific All-Star teams will be formed to represent NVCLL in tournaments against other teams in our Little League District, and hopefully then in Sectionals and beyond...
To clear up any confusion/misconceptions over the all-star process, here is a peek behind the curtain for exactly how the teams are chosen:  First, a few members of the NVCLL Board of Directors will serve on the NVCLL All Star Committee.  This committee leads the process in selecting managers and players.
All Star Managers for the 12, 11, 10, 9 and 8 year old teams will serve as representatives and ambassadors of our league at tournaments following the regular season in local tournaments and official Little League tournaments. Managers MUST be available for the entirety of their age level's tournaments, which is generally from about June 26 until the end of July. 
All Star Managers are selected by the NVCLL All Star Committee based upon their baseball knowledge, ability to work with and communicate with kids, and suitability to be a representative of all of us and are then subject to general discussion, and approval, by the entire NVCLL Board of Directors. 
Following the selection, the committee shall notify the selected persons of their selection. If the selected person accepts the selection, they shall be named as All Star manager. If the selected person declines the selection, the committee shall name an alternate selection.
Coaches for the 12, 11, 10, 9 and 8 year old teams may be suggested by the All Star Committee but the coaches shall be selected by the appropriate manager, provided, however, a coach or manager from at least 1 other NVCLL (Spring season) teams (for that age level) must be named to each All Star team’s coaching staff.  Further, the All Star committee must approve all coaches.
At some point during the spring baseball season, all the competitive division managers and coaches will give input on what players they think are most deserving of being named to any All Star team.  Players shall be selected based solely on performance for the current season.  Any prior All Star selection(s) and prior year performance shall have no bearing on selection to the All Star team for the current season. 
With this information, the All Star Committee will select 15 player candidates for each All Star team.  Of these candidates, 10 will be placed on each All Star team by the Committee.  The All Star Managers will then be allowed to choose 2 players to be named to the team from the pool of 5 remaining candidates.  Thus the All Star managers will have limited input on what players are placed on each team, while retaining some roster flexibility.  Players will NOT be informed whether they were chosen by the All Star Committee or the All Star manager.


All Star teams may consist of players that Little League age as well as up to two years younger, except the 8 year old team which may consist ONLY of players that are 8 years old. 
Once team lists are completed all players on an All Star teams will be informed they have been named to the team.  If a player decides against playing for an All Star team, they may not at a later time decide to accept the selection.  Instead, the Committee will immediately replace that player with another eligible player.
All players that accept a selection to an All Star team shall pay an All Star fee of $50.00 to mitigate the costs of the All Star tournaments and uniform costs.  They also will need to furnish their ORIGINAL birth certificates and other proof of age and/or residency.  The original birth certificate will be returned AFTER the all star tournaments are completed.
These players must also be available during the tournament times, if a player is not available an alternate player may be named to the team.
The All Star teams will play two tournaments during the months of June and July (8's will play one tournament) and details on any tournaments NVCLL is playing in will be posted when full information is available
                                                                 8 Year Old All-Stars
Currently there has not been a decision made as to whether NVCLL will field an 8 year old team, that decision will be made based upon input from the Internationals Managers.
Should you have any questions about this process, please email me or talk to me at Liberty.
Christopher Bangs
2014-2016 NVCLL President

by posted 05/19/2016
2016 NVCLL ALL-STARS starting up!
NVCLL Family,
The league is looking for managers for the 2016 All Star and Tournament Teams.  We expect to be fielding one team each for 8's, 9's, 10's, 11's and 12's.  These managers selected will serve as representatives and ambassadors of our league following the regular season in both local tournaments and official Little League tournaments.  The tournament dates vary by age, but generally run from about June 25 until the end of July.  Managers MUST be available for the entirety of all the tournament for their age level.
We will be seeking input from other coaches and managers on all candidates before the All Star committee makes a recommendation to the full NVCLL board, who will vote on whom the managers will be.  Managers will be chosen based upon their baseball knowledge, ability to work and communicate with kids, and suitability to be a representative of all of us (hopefully all the way to Williamsport for the 12's!)
If you are interested, please email me at  I must receive your email by 7:00AM Saturday May 14, 2016.  If I do not confirm receipt of your email within 24 hours, please resend it.
Christopher Bangs
2014-2016 NVCLL President

by posted 05/12/2016
NVCLL Weather Policy

NVCLL Family,


In the midst of this week of rain, I thought it a good time to review our weather policy:


Weather Policy

The league’s policy on inclimate weather is as follows:


  1. Practices are canceled solely at the discretion of the team manger.


b.  Games are canceled on a field by field basis.  Discretion to cancel a game rests with the Division director, whom will consult with the President or the Executive Board.  Games are not canceled based upon weather forecasts, only actual weather conditions.  Furthermore, a board member will go to each field to determine the playability prior to any cancelations being made. 


c. When weather is questionable and league officials do not cancel games:

  • Players and volunteers for all teams scheduled are expected to go to their respective fields at their normal times
  • Umpires and managers/coaches will inspect the field conditions and determine if the playing conditions are safe
  • If conditions for that field are not deemed safe the umpire will cancel the game at that time.  


d.  In cases of extreme weather, NVCLL may cancel all games scheduled for that day:

  • Notice will be posted on the home page of our website.
  • An email announcement will be sent to the league's distribution list
  • Coaches of teams that are scheduled to play will be notified so they can call their teams
  • Any or all of these steps will be completed as soon as possible.


e. In cases of special events (e.g. Opening Day / NVCLL Day / Tee ball Day) there are a lot of moving parts and decisions on canceling these events must be made 24-48 hours in advance, which means we have to base our information on a forecast.  Sometimes it is the right decision, sometimes it is not, but we will generally err on the side of caution.


Thanks for reading, and stay warm and dry tonight!


Christopher Bangs

2014-2016 NVCLL President




by posted 05/04/2016
So you thought NVCLL ended after Majors ...
NVCLL Family, There is a common misconception that NVCLL and Little League end after your kid's 12 year old season in Majors.  In fact, we keep going with the JUNIORS program.  Juniors is for kids 13 and 14 to keep playing baseball.  The NVCLL Juniors teams play against other leagues from Rockland County.  The games are set up so as to AVOID conflict with school teams as much as possible.  So even if your child aged-out of Majors last year, register them at and keep the baseball going.  Plus, they get really nice uniforms ... Christopher Bangs 2014-2016 NVCLL President
by posted 02/20/2016
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