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by posted 11/21/2017
New Little League Bat Standard. A "must read" for all

NVCLL Family,

Just a reminder that Little League International will be adopting the new USA Baseball Bat Standard as of January 1, 2018.   For information on the 2018 bat standard as well as the 2017 bat standard and what you need to know CLICK HERE     .....  Be Sure To Read This!

In short, EVERY BAT used last year (and years before) will be illegal for all divisions of Little League.   It is a safety and liability issue, and your Managers must verify to the umpires at every game that only legal equipment is used.   These new regulations DO NOT APPLY TO SOFTBALL!

These standards are being adopted by many other youth baseball organizations besides little league:  

DO NOT BUY A NEW BAT unless it complies with the new standard.  All Bats used in NVCLL baseball games must have the official "USABat" sticker on them.

Every store will have bats at insanely low prices - but don't buy these because they will be ILLEGAL to use.   The approved bat list may be found HERE

Happy Shopping!

Al Michalowski, for NVCLL Board


by posted 11/21/2017
Introducing - Your New NVCLL President

Dear NVCLL Family:


As the new president of the Nyack-Valley Cottage Little League I’d like to introduce myself to all of you, especially those of you who may not yet know me. My name is Darrel Caneiro and I’ve been a part of NVCLL for the past 9 years as a manager or coach, and the past three years as a member of the Board of Directors. I’ve been involved in baseball as a player/coach/manager and umpire for more than 40 years now. I am honored to be representing our league and genuinely hope that I can help make our league as positive and fun an experience for your children as possible. My goal is to take all of the progress made the past few years under Chris Bangs’ stewardship and continue to try and grow our league and the sport that I have loved since my days playing on the Brooklyn sandlots. 


I am very excited to have a wonderful and dedicated vice-president in Dan Ulrich who is also a marvelous caretaker of our beloved jewel of a field at Liberty. We have many new board members this year who have younger children in our league and based on our first meeting have an incredible  amount of energy and creativity amongst them and have pledged to do all we can to help our league and our kids. I have great faith that they will help do a tremendous job in the coming year, but we cannot do it alone. We do need your help as our community is the backbone of our league. 


The league cannot simply rely on the Board to do it all. You can help us very simply by registering your child as early as possible so we might be able to form teams as quickly as possible. The earlier we can get teams formed, the earlier we can begin to get the uniforms processed, the more we can potentially get our teams indoor practice time and by registering and paying for your child early on we can also budget our available funds for any capital projects we are considering to improve our league in any capacity necessary. You can also help publicize our league by speaking with your friends and neighbors who have children not currently enrolled in NVCLL as we try to get our numbers bolstered. It’s really that easy to help move our league forward. There are also times we need some volunteers; for example when we need to put the tarp on or take it off during the season and need some able bodies to help out, or when we host All-Star games and could use a few volunteers to help cover the vast amount of work that goes into hosting. There are usually managing and coaching opportunities especially at the lower age groups and we have plenty of resources available to help you coach a tee-ball or rookies team even if you have limited or no experience, and of course you could always join the board next year and help us out with your thoughts and ideas. 


Like any family, the NVCLL family will not agree on everything, and there are no doubt things we do as a board that you may not like or perhaps you have an idea or two which you believe would improve our league. Please don’t be shy, contact me or any Board member with an E-mail, phone call text whatever so we may be able to consider it. I only ask that you be respectful to any of us that volunteer as we will be with you. I will send out league updates on a need basis, the season will be here before you realize it, so please help us get off to a strong start and register your child so we may begin evaluations and the process of getting the 2018 season off to a strong start.





Darrel J. Caneiro

by posted 09/27/2017
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