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NVCLL - Fall Ball Registration is Open!

Fall Ball Registration is Open!

Boys & Girls ages 4-16yrs old. Price range $100-$175.

Season begins September 8th.

Click here to register:

What is fall ball?


For ages 7-16 it is not like the NVCLL spring baseball season where NVCLL teams play each other in an age group. In fall ball, for example, NVCLL would have a team of 8yr olds (8U), and the NVCLL 8U team plays the West Nyack 8U team, and the Suffern 8U team, and the New City 8U team, etc. It's called inter-league play. This way the kids get exposure to new competition and they get to play with kids from NVCLL they may not have played with before. It's a mixture of further development of their fundamental baseball skills plus the benefit of competition. Kids will have a great time making new friends, sharpening their skills and improving in areas they need work on in preparation for the upcoming Spring season.


For ages 4-6, children will practice baseball fundamentals in a fun, positive atmosphere. They will learn to throw, catch, field, hit and run the bases. A game will be played every week after a training session.

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2018 Regular Season NVCLL Champions!


Majors Champions - Pirates

Minors Champions - Silver Hawks

Internationals Champions - Nuts


2018 Playoff Results


Majors Championship Game 3  -  Pirates vs. Athletics - Pirates WIN 3 to 1

Majors Championship Game 2  -  Pirates vs. Athletics - Pirates WIN 8 to 5

Majors Championship Game 1 - Athletics vs. Pirates - Athletics WIN 11 to 1


Majors Semi-Finals Game 3 - Mets vs. Pirates - Pirates WIN 2 to 0

Majors Semi-Finals Game 2 - Mets vs. Pirates - Mets WIN 4 to 3

Majors Semi-Finals Game 2 - Reds vs. Athletics - Athletics WIN 10 to 3

Majors Semi-Finals Game 1 - Mets vs. Pirates - Pirates WIN 3 to 2

Majors Semi-Finals Game 1 - Athletics vs. Reds - Athletics WIN 6 to 0


Majors Quarter-Finals Game 1 - Reds vs. Yankees - Reds WIN 13 to 3

Minors Championship Game 2 - Raptors vs. Silver Hawks - Silver Hawks WIN 5 to 3

Minors Championship Game 1  -  Silver Hawks vs. Raptors  -  Silver Hawks WIN 5 to 3


Minors Semi-Finals Game 2 - Raptors vs. Naturals - Raptors WIN 9 to 6

Minors Semi-Finals Game 2 - Silver Hawks vs. Thunder - Silver Hawks WIN 12 to 10

Minors Semi-Finals Game 1 - Naturals vs. Raptors - Raptors WIN 12 to 6

Minors Semi-Finals Game 1 - Thunder vs. Silver Hawks - Silver Hawks WIN 10 to 0


Minors Quarter-Finals Game 1 - Thunder vs. Renegades - Thunder WINS 14 to 4

Internationals Championship Game - Nuts vs. Cyclones - Nuts WIN 10 to 0


Internationals Semi-Finals Game - Nuts vs. Isotopes - Nuts WIN 7 to 6

Internationals Semi-Finals Game - Sea Wolves vs. Cyclones - Cyclones WIN 9 to 5

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C-Flap Helmet Modification


NVCLL Family:


The C-Flap modification on helmets has now been deemed illegal by Little League International since it is a modification of an existing helmet, while it would have been nice for them to advise prior to the season, the helmet is now technically illegal and an umpire may have the player remove the helmet from play so please be aware of it. The only helmet that currently has a C-Flap and is considered legal is the Boombah FG on a Boombah Defcon helmet since those helmets are pre-drilled for any potential attachment. We are not asking you to go out and buy new helmets but please be aware of the situation and know that since the helmet has been modified it may be removed from the game so if you have another helmet you may want to consider having your son/daughter bring it as a back up in the event the C-flap helmet is removed from play. All managers at the Majors/Minors and Internationals levels have been notified.


Once All-Star play begins these helmets will not be allowed at all as umpires are required to inspect bats/helmets and catchers gear pre-game. Any C-flap helmet with the exception of the Boombah helmet found in All-Star play will be deemed illegal.


Please reach out if you have any questions regarding this matter.



Thank You



Darrel Caneiro


NVCLL President

by posted 05/29/2018
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